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TCG’s brings a network of telemedicine doctors, nurses, and specialists, informed with actionable patient data, to collaborate with the facility’s on-site care staff.

The Senior HealthCare Connection is enabled by a HIPAA compliant video network for a low monthly subscription. Provider rates are based on the level of care requested, the length of the session/appointment, and reimbursement rates.

Collaborators appear over video to smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, virtual exam rooms, and mobile medical carts.

Patients and Providers

Care is just a click away delivered by the patient’s doctor in collaboration with trained on-site nurses and staff.

Facility Operators

Deliver Higher Quality Service

Leading Competitive Advantage

Improved Staff Performance

Lower Turnover

Retention of Talent

Increased Revenue & Profit

Patient Assessments

Assist staff in assessing overall condition, determining needs, and complying with MDS regulations and requirements.

Individualized Care Plans

Offers expertise in creating comprehensive programs including education, nutrition, adherence, and lifestyle changes.

Mental Health

Counseling in behavioral, emotional, and spiritual matters from qualified psychologists and psychiatrists.


Specialist review of smartphone images taken by nurses. Nurses can then be coached in how best to treat difficult cases.


Non-invasive remote cardiac monitoring of CHF and COPD patients supported by ICU level data (see MYNICaS).


Neurological exam and exercise program to improve muscle control, balance, speech, and attain higher function.

Medication Therapy Management

Reconciliation for polypharmacy patients to avoid adverse drug reactions and hospital readmissions.

Palliative and Hospice

Physical, emotional, and pain management for terminal patients combined with caregiver and family counseling.

What makes this all possible?

Making this all possible is TCG’s Telehealth Platform providing 24/7 real-time remote patient monitoring combined with actionable patient data viewed on a clinician dashboard.