Richard Dick

Senior Technology Advisor

 Dr. Dick has over 30 years of diverse computer experience, including positions as Senior Systems Analyst with Boeing Computer Services, Inc. and as Systems Programmer at Sperry Univac, where he developed operating systems and data communications software. Dr. Dick was director of the Advanced Computer-based Patient Record Division at Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). SAIC holds the world’s largest single contract for designing, developing, and installing clinical information systems (valued at approximately 2 billion dollars). He was founder and Executive Director of the Coalition to Create the Computer-based Patient Record Institute (CPRI). CPRI’s mission was to initiate and coordinate the essential activities to establish routine use of computer-based patient records in the US. Dr. Dick was also formerly Study Director and Senior Staff Officer at the National Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Medicine (IOM) in Washington, for the landmark study on the Computer based Patient Record (CPR). His book, The Computer-based Patient Record: An Essential Technology for Health Care, paved the way for development of today’s EMR systems.