Dr. Ray Dorsey, M.D.

Advisor Neurological Care

Dr. Dorsey is David M. Levy Professor of Neurology and Director of the CHET at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Dr. Dorsey is helping investigate new treatments for movement disorders and improve the way care is delivered for individuals with Parkinson disease and other neurological disorders. Using simple web-based video conferencing, he and his colleagues are seeking to provide care to individuals with Parkinson and neurological diseases anywhere that they live. Working with Apple’s Health Kit he led in the development of the Parkinson mPower app designed to measure dexterity, balance and gait, voice, and memory at multiple times each day. Patients will use the app to record their voice. Subtle changes to the voice, including tremor and reduced amplitude. The app will can also measure dexterity by tracking how fast a person can tap the screen on their iPhone. The device’s GPS and accelerometer can measure mobility and balance. Dr. Dorsey previously directed the movement disorders division and neurology telemedicine at Johns Hopkins and worked as a consultant for McKinsey & Company. He completed his undergraduate studies at Stanford University, medical school at the University of Pennsylvania, and business school at the Wharton School. Dr. Dorsey’s research has been published in the leading medical, neurology, and economic journals and has been featured on National Public Radio, The New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.