Skip Rodenbush

Founding Partner and CEO

Ron Pion, MD

Founding Partner and CWO

Barb Johnston

President General Manager

Howard Reis

Partner, Business Development

Lowell S. Feldman, LNHA

Partner, Chief Strategy Officer

Peter Caplan

Healthcare Economist

Dr. Gordon Jones

Dir. Transformation Projects

Gene Theslof, CEO

My Health Connection


Tyler Theslof, COO

My Health Connection

Cheryl Kerr, MD

iClickCare, Founder

Lawrence Kerr, MD

iClickCare, Founder and CO

David Memel, MD

Business Strategy Advisor

Pat Tellez, MD, MPH, MSHA

FQHC and Safety Net Advisor

Ken McConnochie, MD, MPH

Pediatric Telehealth Pioneer 

Doug Solomon

Innovation Advisor

Wesley Valdes, DO

Telehealth/Telemedicine Advisor

Ossama Tawfik, MD

Virtual Pathology Advisor

Ray Dorsey, MD

Neurological Care Advisor

Dave Fong

Clinical Pharma Advisor

Anna Mariano Morris

Virtual Relationship Curator & Advocate


Dr. Richard Dick

Senior Technology Advisor

Christian Milaster

Advisor Digital Health 

Neil S. Calman



Michael Finney, M.D.

Medical Director


Mary Jane Blaney

Advisory LTC Operations


Innovators and Advisors

Dr. Lisa Thompson   Palliative Care

Dr. Paul Brenner   Coping Skills

Catherine Serio, Ph.D.  Accessing Inter Strength


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