Dr. Kenneth McConnochie, MD

Advisor Virtual Pediatric and Elder Care

Dr. Kenneth McConnochie, MD, Founder and Director of Health-e-Access, is The Castleton Group’s senior advisor in telemedicine care. In 2001 he created Health-e-Access, which is responsible for conducting over 15,000 virtual care sessions within the Rochester child care sites and the city’s school system.

His innovations include; 1) an efficient session workflow for clinician, on-site assistant, staff and patient, 2) use of less-expensive PC video conferencing software, 3) integration of cost-effective POC exam instruments such as internet-enabled otoscopes, stethoscopes, and other digital devices, 4) training programs for doctors and on-site assistants in the art of practicing Telemedicine, 5) applying for and receiving numerous grants from state, federal, and health improvement foundations, 6) convincing all Rochester area payers to recognize virtual care as an in-office visit for paying doctors.