Barb Johnston

President General Manager

Barb has over 15 years experience in the business, legal, clinical and policy aspects of the
Telemedicine industry. She was instrumental in setting up the $30 million California
Telemedicine Network (CTN), and was CEO of the Medical Board of California
responsible for a $53 million budget and 278 staff.

She serves on a number of Health Information Technology and Telemedicine Boards, is a
past Board Member of the American Telemedicine Association (ATA), and authored the
premier research study on the delivery of homecare by telemedicine.

As the eHealth Manager for Kaiser Permanente’s Division of Research she contributed to
the development of eCare for Moods, an online Mental Health program.
As Chief Operating Officer of a private telemedicine company in Australia she led
development of the first privately held Telemedicine network. And as President of
Telemedicine for a major real estate development firm she created the Telemedicine
strategy for mixed-use urban residential units.

She is widely respected and networked nationally within the community and has extensive
high level executive management experience in both public and private sectors.