Anna Mariano Morris

Virtual Relationship Curator & Advocate

Anna Mariano-Morris is a Virtual Solutions Vanguard, Idea Champion, Relationship Cultivator, and Change Agent. For over 20 years she has been bridging emerging technology in virtual applications in industries of Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, Corporate/ Commercial Real Estate, and Banking, She is a problem solver and innovator, disrupting mainstream with reinventing the traditional into innovations. Anna is the creator of the World’s first Virtual Concierge with harnessing video solutions technology. What she created as a successful application in the Hospitality Industry decades ago is now a bigger solution in human care. 
“You know you have achieved a successful solution when all the technology in the forefront just fades away and what is seen and felt is the humanity behind the technology.”
Education: Bachelor of Arts Degree in Art & Business Marketing from San Jose State University.